COVID-19 Policy

Preventive measures against coronavirus infection.

As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, we have taken the following measures so that customers can board with peace of mind.

Sterilization of shuttles.
After operation, all handrails, seats, etc. inside the shuttle are wiped using a cloth soaked with alcohol to disinfect the inside of the bus.

Ventilation in shuttle.
Vehicles are set to always take in outside air in order to ventilate the inside of the vehicle.

Wearing masks.
To prevent the spread of infection, please note that crew members and operation managers will wear masks while providing services.

Hand wash / gargle
All staff wash hands and gargle before and after work.

About social distance.
When waiting for a bus, please keep a wide distance from the surrounding customers.

Wearing a mask.
Please be sure to wear a mask while riding and refrain from talking as much as possible.

Temperature check.
We may request to check the temperature of customers boarding the shuttle

* Please note. These efforts are subject to change depending on the future situation. 


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