Haneda Shuttle Service

Ticket Prices & Information


Please make sure to list your flight number and also choose the correct drop off/pick up location when you fill out your details. These details allow for us to provide you with the best service possible.

* 5 people are required for the shuttle to operate. If there are not enough guests we may decide to cancel the service.

To book departure from Haneda and return to Narita please contact via e-mail to book.

  • Tickets must be booked 10days in advance.
  • To book within 10days of departure please contact us via e-mail.
  • Cancelation fee applies. 
  • If you cancel one leg of a return trip you will be refunded ¥3,000.
  • Service times maybe changed/cancelled due to weather/road conditions.
  • By booking with Myoko Shuttle you agree to the terms and conditions as written on our policies & information page.
  • For common questions please check our FAQ page.
  • See below for maps and info on airport and Lotte Arai pick up locations.

Haneda Shuttle Timetables

Madarao/Tangram transfer bus

09:05Madarao Kogen Hotel
09:45Myoko Bus Terminal

This bus terminates at Myoko Bus Terminal.
The Haneda shuttle will pick up guests at the bus terminal.

This is free transfer service for Haneda shuttle customers. Please show the driver either your PayPal receipt or confirmation e-mail when you board the bus.

Myoko to Haneda departure time

TimeBus Stop
08:50Lotte Arai Resort
09:30Akakura Onsen
09:35Akakura Kanko Resort
09:40Hotel Windsor
09:50Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
14:55Shinjuku Station West Exit
15:30Haneda Airport

Haneda to Myoko departure time

TimeBus Stop
09:00Haneda Airport
13:30Madarao Kogen Hotel *
13:55Tangram *
14:20Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
14:25Hotel Windsor
14:30Akakura Kanko Resort
14:35Akakura Onsen
15:15Lotte Arai Resort

* The service will only go to Madarao & Tangram if there is reservation. If there is no reservation the shuttle will go directly to Myoko area.

「Travel planning and implementation Niigata Prefectural Government Registered Travel Agency No. 2-406 MKK “MKK Corporation”
Niigata prefecture, Joetsu city, Nakago 395-1, Domestic travel officer: Minoru Hasegawa National Tourism Association Member」

Online Booking

Babies that dont need a seat are free of charge. Child seats are for children up to the age of 12.
Please fill in your flight number and hotel as this greatly helps us provide a smooth service.

One Way Ticket Booking

No bookings available

Return Ticket Booking

Current status of service

○ : Available
△ : Half full
× : Full or cancelled

Lotte Arai Resort pick up location

There are 2 pick up locations at Lotte Arai Resort. One is by the road behind the Lodge building. The other is in the main car park area in front of the hotel by the main entrance. Please check which building you are staying in and select the correct pick up location. Please check with Lotte Arai Resort if you are unsure.

Airport pick up location

Upon exiting customs please follow the route for the chartered bus parking area. When you reach the sign in the photograph you will see some seating. Please wait at this seating area. A member of our staff will come to meet you and guide you to he bus.

You can download a PDF of the instructions HERE for offline use. But please wait at the sign area and do not head down the escalators.

If you need help upon arrival please call our help line: 080-4957-9473

Haneda Bus Area

Got a question?

Shoot us an e-mail and we will get back to you very soon.

Service Status

Narita: Taking bookings

Haneda: Taking bookings

Toyama: Taking bookings

Niigata: Taking bookings

Madarao: Running

Lotte Arai: Running

Nozawa: Running

Snow Monkey: Running

Karuizawa: Running