Karuizawa Shuttle Bus

Bus opertates from December 22nd 2020 – March 8th 2021

no booking required

Visit one of the biggest shopping centres in Japan

Child (U12): 

Tickets are returns.
Please pay cash before you board the bus.
You do not need to reserve this service.

7:30Joetsu Myoko Station
7:55Lotte Arai Resort
8:30Akakura Onsen
8:33Akakura Kanko Resort
8:35Hotel Windsor
8:45Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
11:00Karuizawa Outlet Mall
15:00Karuizawa Outlet Mall
15:10Karuizawa Station
17:00Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
17:10Hotel Windsor
17:12Akakura Kanko Resort
17:15Akakura Onsen
17:50Lotte Arai Resort
18:15Joetsu Myoko Station

For more information on the Karuizawa outdoor outlet shopping mall please visit their English homepage.


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Service Status

Narita: Bookings open Jan 2021

Toyama: Taking bookings

Niigata: Taking bookings


Madarao: Start Dec 22

Lotte Arai: Start Dec 22

Nozawa: Start Dec 22

Snow Monkey: Start Dec 22

Karuizawa: Start Dec 22