Nagano Station Shuttle

Bus opertates from December 23rd 2018 – March 4th 2019

Please pay cash before you board the bus.
Prices vary depending on where you board/get off.

Please check the price chart below for full details.

Please pay when you board.
Myoko Shuttle 500yen bus tickets CAN NOT be used on this line.

Myoko – Nagano service

10:00Myoko bus terminal
10:10Akakura Onsen
10:13Kanko Resort
10:15Hotel Windsor
10:20Landmark Ikenotaira
10:23ikenotaira ski resort
10:31Suginosawa fire station
10:35Suginohara ski resort
11:50Nagano Station

Nagano – Myoko service

13:00Nagano Station
14:15Suginohara ski resort
14:19Suginosawa fire station
14:27ikenotaira ski resort
14:30Landmark Ikenotaira
14:35Hotel Windsor
14:37Kanko Resort
14:40Akakura Onsen
14:50Myoko bus terminal
Myoko bus terminalAkakura OnsenKanko ResortHotel WindsorLandmark Ikenotairaikenotaira ski resortSuginosawa fire stationSuginohara ski resort
2500円2500円2500円2500円2400円2400円2300円2300円Nagano Station
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