All services except the Kazuizawa shuttle are cancelled for this season.


Due to circumstances resulting from the worldwide COVID situation the Nozawa Shuttle WILL NOT operate this season.

Nozawa Shuttle Bus

Bus opertates from December 22nd 2020 – February 29th 2021

no booking required

Route Timetables

Myoko – Nozawa Onsen

12:00Akakura Onsen
12:02Akakura Kanko Resort
12:04Hotel Windsor
12:15Myoko Bus Terminal
13:30Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal

Nozawa Onsen – Myoko

13:45Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
15:00Myoko Bus Terminal
15:11Hotel Windsor
15:13Akakura Kanko Resort
15:15Akakura Onsen

Route Price Chart

Akakura Onsen
500円Akakura Kanko Resort
500円500円Hotel Windsor
500円500円500円Myoko Bus Terminal
3,500円3,500円3,500円3,500円Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal

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