Nozawa Shuttle Bus

Bus opertates from December 22nd 2019 – March 8th 2020

The quickest and most convenient way to transfer to and from Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen.

Please pay cash before you board the Nozawa shuttle bus.
You do not need to reserve this service.

※ Myoko Shuttle 500yen bus tickets CAN NOT be used on this line.

Route Timetables

Airport transfer bus

06:00Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
07:00Madarao Kogen Hotel
07:40Myoko Bus Terminal

This bus terminates at Myoko Bus Terminal. The bus is for those who will ride our Niigata & Toyama bound airport shuttles. The shuttles will pick up guests at Myoko bus terminal.

This service only operates for customers who have booked the Toyama & Niigata airport shuttles. For normal transfer please use the services below.

Nozawa Onsen – Myoko

14:00Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
15:35Myoko Bus Terminal
15:46Hotel Windsor
15:48Akakura Kanko Resort
15:50Akakura Onsen

Myoko – Nozawa Onsen

17:30Akakura Onsen
17:32Akakura Kanko Resort
17:34Hotel Windsor
17:15Myoko Bus Terminal
19:00Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal

Guests arriving from Toyama & Niigata airports can ride our airport services and change to the  Nozawa bound bus at 16:15 at Myoko bus terminal.

Route Price Chart

Akakura Onsen
500円Akakura Kanko Resort
500円500円Hotel Windsor
500円500円500円Myoko Bus Terminal
3,500円3,500円3,500円3,500円Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
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