Nozawa Shuttle Bus

Bus opertates from December 22nd 2019 – March 8th 2020

The quickest and most convenient way to transfer to and from Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen.

The Myoko – Nozawa service will not operate on January 30th & 31st.

Please pay cash before you board the Nozawa shuttle bus.
You do not need to reserve this service.

※ Myoko Shuttle 500yen bus tickets CAN NOT be used on this line.

Route Timetables

Airport transfer bus

06:00Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
07:00Madarao Kogen Hotel
07:40Myoko Bus Terminal

This bus terminates at Myoko Bus Terminal. The bus is for those who will ride our Niigata & Toyama bound airport shuttles. The shuttles will pick up guests at Myoko bus terminal.

This service only operates for customers who have booked the Toyama & Niigata airport shuttles. For normal transfer please use the services below.

Nozawa Onsen – Myoko

14:00Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
15:35Myoko Bus Terminal
15:46Hotel Windsor
15:48Akakura Kanko Resort
15:50Akakura Onsen

Myoko – Nozawa Onsen

16:00Akakura Onsen
16:02Akakura Kanko Resort
16:04Hotel Windsor
16:15Myoko Bus Terminal
17:30Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal

Guests arriving from Toyama & Niigata airports can ride our airport services and change to the  Nozawa bound bus at 16:15 at Myoko bus terminal.

Route Price Chart

Akakura Onsen
500円Akakura Kanko Resort
500円500円Hotel Windsor
500円500円500円Myoko Bus Terminal
3,500円3,500円3,500円3,500円Nozawa Chuo Bus Terminal
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