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Service update 2020

We have refreshed our website and all our services for the coming 2020/21 winter season.

Whats new?

You will find that this year we have a brand new service for Narita airport. This year we will be offering 4 daily shuttles to and from Narita.

So no matter what time you are arriving we will have a shuttle there to meet you. This season our shuttle won’t be direct from Narita. A quick swap in Nagano will be required. While this may not be as good as coming direct our new prices will more than make up for this.

Airport Counter

We now have a counter inside the airport. this makes meeting and boarding the shuttle super easy and convenient for all customers.


Due to the situation with COVID-19 we have decided to not operate the Haneda shuttle this season. We plan to operate the Narita service from January and will open bookings on the website at the start of that month.

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