Due to circumstances resulting from the worldwide COVID situation the Lotte Arai Shuttle WILL NOT operate this season.

Lotte Arai Resort Shuttle

Bus operates from late January 2020 – March 8th 2021

Map of the Lotte Arai Shuttle route

Change at Sekiyama train station to the Seki/Tsubame onsen bus. For timetables of this service please check the tourist office website.

Route Timetables

Morning bus

08:00Akakura Onsen
08:02Akakura Kanko Resort
08:04Hotel Windsor
08:10Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
-Sekiyama Station
08:45Lotte Arai Resort
09:00Lotte Arai Resort
09:25Sekiyama Station
09:35Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
09:46Hotel Windsor
09:48Akakura Kanko Resort
09:50Akakura Onsen

Afternoon bus

TimeBus Stop
16:00Akakura Onsen
16:02Akakura Kanko Resort
16:04Hotel Windsor
16:15Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
16:25Sekiyama Station
16:50Lotte Arai Resort
17:00Lotte Arai Resort
17:25Sekiyama Station
17:35Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
17:46Hotel Windsor
17:48Akakura Kanko Resort
17:50Akakura Onsen

Route Price Chart

Akakura Onsen
500円Kanko Resort
500円500円Hotel Windsor
500円500円500円Myoko Bus Terminal
1,000円1,000円1,000円1,000円Sekiyama Station
1,500円1,500円1,500円1,500円1,000円Lotte Arai Resort

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