Snow Monkey Shuttle Bus

December 23rd 2023 – March 10th 2024​

The best way to visit the world famous Jigokudani – Wild Monkey Park.

Akakura – Monkey Park: 5,000 JPY
Lotte Arai Resort – Monkey Park: 8,000 JPY

Tickets are returns.
Please pay cash before you board the bus.
You do not need to reserve this service.

Bus Stop Time
Lotte Arai Resort 9:10
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort 10:00
Akakura Kanko Resort 10:02
Hotel Windsor 10:04
Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal 10:10
Snow Monkey Park 11:10
Bus Stop Time
Snow Monkey Park 14:00
Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal 15:00
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort 15:10
Akakura Kanko Resort 15:13
Hotel Windsor 15:15
Lotte Arai Resort 16:00


  • The park entrance fee of 800yen for adults and 400yen for children IS NOT included in the shuttle price.
  • Please make sure you return to the shuttle in time for departure.
  • Please allow the time needed to walk back from the monkey park to the parking area.
  • If there were no customers for the morning bus then the return bus will not operate.
snow monkey park
snow monkey park
snow monkey park

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