Shiga Kogen Airport Service

Booking to open in August 2024

Narita/Haneda - Shiga Kogen

Bus Stop Time
Narita Airport -
Haneda Airport 8:00
Yamanouchi 12:30
Hasuike (Shiga Kogen Yama no eki) 13:10
Hoppo 13:15
Ichinose A (Shiga Grand Hotel) 13:25
Ichinose B (Restaurant Hi Happy) 13:30
Yakebitai West (Prince Hotel West) 13:35
Yakebitai South (Prince Hotel South) 13:40
Yakebitai East (Prince Hotel East) 13:45
Okushiga (International Ski School) 14:00

Shiga Kogen - Narita/Haneda

Bus Stop Time
Okushiga (International Ski School) 8:10
Yakebitai East (Prince Hotel East) 8:25
Yakebitai South (Prince Hotel South) 8:30
Yakebitai West (Prince Hotel West) 8:35
Ichinose B (Restaurant Hi Happy) 8:40
Ichinose A (Shiga Grand Hotel) 8:45
Hoppo 8:55
Hasuike (Shiga Kogen Yama no eki) 9:00
Yamanouchi 9:50
Tokyo 14:00
Haneda Airport 14:40
Narita Airport 15:40

Online Booking

Booking is one way. You will need to make 2 separate bookings for a return trip.
Babies that dont need a seat are free of charge.
Please fill in your flight number and hotel as this greatly helps us provide a smooth service.

  • Tickets must be booked 13 days in advance.
  • To book within 13 days of departure please contact us via e-mail.
  • Cancelation fees apply. Check here.
  • Service times maybe changed/cancelled due to weather/road conditions.
  • By booking with Myoko Shuttle you agree to the terms and conditions as written on our policies & information page.
  • For common questions please check our FAQ page.
  • See below for maps and info on airport and pick up locations.


If you cancel within 21 days there is a cancelation fee. If possible we can try to move you to a different bus if one is operating. If we are unable to do so then the cancelation fee will be charged. WE DO NOT offer any sort of credit system for future use. Read our terms and conditions please.

Bus Stop Locations

Our shuttle will wait at the Terminal 3 bus stop area at the number 6 bus stop. The airport offers free inter terminal transport so if your are arriving at either terminal 1 or 2 you can easily make your way to this area.

You can find the Narita Terminal 3 access guide here. Make sure to click on the Terminal 3 tab.

Our bus will have the name JamJam on it.

We will meet you in the Haneda Airport Garden at the 1st floor No 5 Bus Terminal.

It is approximately 7 minutes from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 via the connecting passage. There is a bus terminal on the 1st floor of “Haneda Airport Garden”. Head to the No 5 bus stop.

Haneda map is here.

Our bus will have the name JamJam on it.

haneda bus stophaneda airport garden route

The drop off area is outside Tokyo Stations Yaesu Exit in the Marunouchi Kajibashi parking lot.

Tokyo area drop off

Yamanouchi is a road station on the way to Shiga Kogen. A chance to use the toilet before arriving at your destination.

Drop off in the Hoppo Parking lot.

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