Most frequent questions and answers

Our shuttle will wait at the Terminal 3 bus stop area at the number 6 bus stop. The airport offers free inter terminal transport so if your are arriving at either terminal 1 or 2 you can easily make your way to this area.

You can find the Narita Terminal 3 access guide here. Make sure to click on the Terminal 3 tab.

Please meet us at Haneda Airport Garden at the 1st floor No 5 Bus Terminal. You can find more info on directions with this guide.

We don’t have a child ticket for our service. All tickets are the same price.

If your baby or young infant doesnt need a seat then they can travel with no charge. If they need a seat then the standard fare will apply. For safety reasons we suggest that if your child is old enough to properly sit that they have their own seat.

We do not issue tickets. We will confirm your identity upon boarding the bus. You can also print out your PayPal invoice and or booking e-mail.  Proof of identity such as passport is perfect for confirming your name with our booking list.

Maybe. Please send us an e-mail and we will check if seats are available.

Please contact us using the email in the footer. A fee may be charged. See our policies & information page for details.

We will wait a reasonable time for delayed flights as determined by MKK at that time. If you miss the shuttle due to a delayed flight no refund will be issued as this is a matter that is beyond our control.

No they dont. The bus will make one stop at a highway service area for a toilet break.

Yes. The bus will make 1 stop on the highway for a toilet break and also so you can stretch your legs and get something to eat/drink.

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