Madarao Shuttle

December 23rd – February 29th


No service from March 1st (Friday)

Madarao Shuttle route map

Route Timetables

Planned operational timetables, subject to change

Service suspended from Feb 18th – Feb 20th

Morning Bus

Bus Stop Time
Lotte Arai Resort 7:20
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort 8:05
Akakura Kanko Resort 8:07
Hotel Windsor 8:09
Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal 8:12
Tangram 8:30
Madarao 8:50
Bus Stop Time
Madarao 9:00
Tangram 9:15
Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal -
Hotel Windsor -
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort 9:45
Akakura Kanko Resort 9:50
Lotte Arai Resort 10:30

Afternoon Bus

Bus Stop Time
Lotte Arai Resort 14:00
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort 14:45
Akakura Kanko Resort 14:47
Hotel Windsor 14:49
Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal 14:55
Tangram 15:15
Madarao 15:35
Bus Stop Time
Madarao 15:40
Tangram 16:00
Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal 16:20
*Akakura Kanko Resort 16:26
*Akakura Onsen Ski Resort 16:28
*Hotel Windsor 16:30
*Lotte Arai Resort 17:10

* The shuttle will only continue if guests are onboard.

Route Price Chart

Prices are one way.

Lotte Arai Resort
2000yen Akakura Onsen Ski Resort
2000yen 800yen Akakura Kanko Resort
2000yen 800yen 800yen Hotel Windsor
2000yen 800yen 800yen 800yen Myoko Kogen Bus Terminal
3200yen 1500yen 1500yen 1500yen 1500yen Tangram
3600yen 2000yen 2000yen 2000yen 2000yen 500yen Madarao

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