Mt Myoko Madarao Shuttle

Bus opertates from December 23rd 2017 – March 4th 2018

Please pay cash before you board the Akakura ~ Madarao bus.
Prices vary depending on where you board/get off.

Please check the price chart below for full details.

· Please pay when you board.
· Myoko Shuttle 500yen bus tickets CAN NOT be used on this line.

To Tangram and Madarao from Akakura Onsen
Akakura onsen ski resort Akakura kanko ski resort Higashi Akakura BC Myokokogen Bus Terminal Tangram Madarao Kogen Hotel
7:40 7:42 7:44 7:55 8:10 8:25
16:00 16:02 16:04 16:15 16:30 16:45
To Akakura Onsen from Tangram and Madarao
Madarao Kogen hotel Tangram Myokokogen Bus Terminal Higashi Akakura BC Akakura Kanko ski resort Akakura Onsen ski resort
8:35 8:50 9:05 9:16 9:18 9:20
16:55 17:10 17:25 17:36 (drop off) 17:38 (drop off) 17:40 (drop off)


Bus Fare Chart
Myokokogen Bus Terminal Tangram Madarao Hotel
Akakura 500yen 1000yen 1000yen
Myokokogen Bus Terminal 500yen 900yen 1000yen
Tangram 1000yen 900yen 600yen
Madarao Hotel 1000yen 1000yen 600yen
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